The hunting seasons in North Dakota are upon us.

Get outside and enjoy them before it is too late.

Too late for what, you may ask. Well, let me tell you several reasons. The first reason is of course the weather. We did not have a real summer and that followed a miserable spring, which capped off a never-ending winter that started way to early last fall. The weather is out of our control, so we just prepare ourselves accordingly with rain gear, cold weather gear, good footwear and head gear that fits our needs and so forth and so on.

You can find those things at your local sporting goods store or box store except maybe some things those stores stopped carrying because of actions of losers.

My first time out this fall was on Labor Day to scout some early season Canada Geese and maybe get some opportunities at some Doves.

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I had success with the latter and that evening tucked some tiny dove breasts in sweet peppers wrapped in bacon while baking at 350 degrees to create some mighty tasty appetizers. The weather that day was great and me and my dogs high pawed each other. Another reason to get outside before it is too late is our dwindling resources. I do not want to be doom and gloom, but it is factual knowledge that habitat is slowly becoming less available and access issues never seem to go away or get better.

A final reason, to get out before it is too late is my school of thought regarding our dwindling rights, especially pertaining to legal gun ownership. Without getting too in depth, I will make this as short and to the point as possible. Politicians and others need to quit talking and start doing and by doing, I do not mean to pass more laws that will only affect law abiding citizens who are not evil or twisted. This final reason hit home with me again on Sept. 11 and the anniversary of the terror attacks. Our country continues to react to evil people’s actions. Stop these evil people by preventing them from doing evil. By this, I am talking about serious capital punishment, maybe even televised. We should also have armed security at all public places especially schools. Passing legislation and policies like signs that say no guns allowed are not going to stop evil people from doing evil things. These people are the problem and they are the ones who make it miserable for those of us who enjoy things and just don’t want our freedoms to continually be taken away by the actions of evil people.

I keep trying to make this column more about the outdoors and enjoying the different things to do outside. Many of the things I do outside involve my wife and our dogs. Some feedback I get relates to how much people enjoy seeing and reading things about dogs. Well, my dog Spike who is getting up in age, writes our Christmas letter and our new dog Rex, who is my Son’s dog, make for a lot of interesting conversations. So, in the future, look for more outdoor stories which will probably include Rex. After all every minute is a new world in Rex’s world and we just live in it.

Get outdoors and enjoy it while we can.