I called up my hunting buddy to ask if we should battle the weather this past weekend.

I am no meteorologist, nor do I want to be, nor did I sleep in a Holiday Inn Express and think I can be. If you are a weather person in San Diego, your job is probably more boring and less scrutinized than our area weather folks. After all, we can get a 75-degree day and wake up the next morning with snow on the ground and driving winds to help move it back and forth across your driveway.

San Diego usually has 75-degree days with sunny skies and a few clouds to make it stress out the residents. The next morning, they have the same and same with the next day and the next day and on and on. You get the picture.

I know you have my solution ready to leave your lips, but no, I do not want to live in San Diego and especially not California.

I want to live here in North Dakota where we used to have seasonal changes and my favorite time of the year, which is fall, lasted for more than two days.

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Even though I am no meteorologist, I still feel qualified enough to use my memory to do some very quick comparisons and similarities of our current weather to that of the early 1980’s.

Last month, I urged you to get outside and enjoy the outdoors before it is too late.

One of the points of the lecture was because of brutal memories of last years weather leading right up to the same time this year.

It was this weekend last year that I arrived at my annual pheasant opener spot to hunt. I jumped out of the truck with the anxious and whining dogs ready to go. We did not get a mile into the walk and the snow began to fall and the flakes and quantity were large.

So, this year’s early winter storm and bad weather starting the same way, I have almost taken pause and thought about giving some credence to those that keep showing up in videos dancing or crawling in the streets trying to get attention to climate change.

I do not subscribe to end of the world climate crisis issues and do not think we as Americans are the so called problems to all things wrong in the world, but I will take blame and point fingers that we all need to do a better job of caring for the marble that we rotate on.

Referring back to the 1980’s, I do recall very similar weather and weather patterns that we have had lately. I grew up in south central North Dakota and I remember sloughs being very dry and then a wet cycle causing those same lakes and sloughs to fill up and start covering roads.

I also remember Devils Lake being so low and while driving a boat, the wake behind the boat was a rich green color from all the algae in the water. The lake has grown like crazy but now has dropped again.

Weather and climate change and if you can pick and choose the best times to enjoy your outdoors that may be your best option during these miserable weather cycles. If you really enjoy the outdoors no matter what, you will usually have the best success in the less than ideal elements, plus you will have the best stories to tell and some of the best memories as well. Heck, my dogs are even fair weather and do not like being out in the rain, unless of course, I grab my shotgun and they know they are going hunting. Then the bad weather gets blocked out and they turn on the jets and do what they love.

San Diego might have nice weather more often, but how exciting is it to talk about 75 and sunny all the time? We just need to determine how much we love the outdoors and whether to battle the weather.