November brings to the forefront of my thoughts, Thanksgiving and the peak month of the hunting season.

We have a lot to be thankful for, living in this part of the country. To many others it brings the school of thought which is the close to the fall sports season.

Once again, without using too much ink on the topic, the weather feels anything but fall and ideal for the seasonal activities most all enjoy. I have also noticed it is that time of year where polls and rankings take the image of a horn of plenty spewing out those polls and rankings like fruits and vegetables. This Thanksgiving, image relates to those who still read books and look at illustrations. College football is foremost in the ranking or poll conversation and has become very confusing. I sometimes believe you could Google Rachel Ray college football poll and something would magically pop up on your device.

I have spewed my opinion to other media outlets regarding Division 1 football (FBS) and why is it so hard to develop a sweet 16 team bracket tournament? All of us who follow Division 1 (FCS) football understand how simple this concept is. Getting back to the topic of the peak of our hunting season and polls and rankings, I started ranking my top five outdoor activities.

1. Pheasant hunting with my dogs.

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2. All other bird hunting with my dogs.

3. Fishing, probably not with my dogs.

4. Walking or playing outside with the dogs.

5. Just being outside with my wife and dogs.

Speaking of dogs, Rex the dog update is a healthy one. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Rex should be good for several years straight as he eats every apple that falls from the tree. I know we are also in the heart of our deer season and I hope this comment is not sacrilegious to you deer hunters, but I no longer have a huge interest in deer gun hunting and the last deer I harvested was with the old bow and arrow. I still like to draw back the old bow, but deer hunting does not make my top five ranking.

Many of you may, however, have your own ranking of the top five or 10 deer you have harvested. Some of you may have a ranking of your top ten favorite wild game to cook and or eat. I would be interested in your go to wild game recipe. Feel free to submit to the Pioneer and I would mention the top five in next months riveting column.

I heard a recent ranking of candy by another local sports media person on the heels of Halloween. One more poll or ranking I would like to see results from would be the area’s top five, gun dog breeds. I see so many breeds out walking just in my neighborhood. I am partial to the German Short-haired pointer and labs mainly because those are the breeds that have run my life over the last many years. It would still be interesting to see the different breed choices and stories behind them as to why you would support that breed.

Finally, this time of year also has polls and rankings pertaining to politics and politicians. Here is what I would like to say about those polls. Show me a poll or ranking of the top 10 dogs and why and I will show you a poll that is worthwhile and beats any ranking or favorable rating of the 535 representatives who reside in Washington D.C.