It is that time of the year again where we lose our minds over Christmas presents, decorating, preparing holiday treats and meals followed by switching our schools of thought to paying for all of those indulgences, losing the weight we gained and telling ourselves and others, next year I will do better.

The New Year resolutions begin to take shape and this year the slogan or motto is the best.

My vision for 2020 is my 2020 vision. Pretty catchy right? Well, I bet this or some version of it will be used 2,020 times per minute over the next month or year.

Let me share with you some of my goals and vision for 2020: Eat better: What do I mean by this? I plan to go around the outside aisles of the grocery store instead of the inside processed aisles. I plan to eat only the food I harvest or hunt. Look for me in the Hostess or Little Debbie aisles looking for Twinkies, on your next grocery store visit.

Exercise more: What do I mean by this? It is simple, I am going to keep walking and biking but will double the output. I am going to get outside more and maybe even start running again. Look for me driving to the grocery store and wandering around in the Twinkie aisle.

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In 2020 I am going to do more varmint hunting again. What do I mean by this? Well, I have done it in the past and have all the gear, to include whites, calls, firepower, and of course license. Look for me pouting in my chair watching the outdoor channel while another blizzard hits as I am heading out the door and keeps me inside.

During and after the holidays I am going to do more ice fishing. What do I mean by this? I love to ice fish and fish in general. I like to pick out what I think will be the next great ice jig or ice minnow when I visit the local sporting goods store. Look for me organizing my ice fishing gear in the garage during our next blizzard while asking myself what I did with the last great jig I wanted to try.

Finally, next year I am going to save more money. What do I mean by this? I am not going to get fast food just because of convenience, remember I eat only what I harvest. I am not buying any more shells, jigs, fishing lures that I don’t need or wont use. I will take that money and put it right into savings. Look for me in the hunting and fishing aisles, gawking at the lures, in the local sporting goods store and don’t be surprised if you hear me asking the attendant if there is a Twinkie aisle in the store.

I hope all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and get to enjoy it and especially be able to enjoy it outside.

Don’t get me wrong, being inside with family and sitting in your favorite chair our couch while watching a movie or sporting event is nice, but I would much rather be outside enjoying our resources, getting in a good workout and maybe following it up with a Twinkie or two.

Happy Holidays.