It is March and with that comes March Madness.

The madness this year is without the college basketball tournament and the bracket challenges. The madness this March has to do with COVID-19, or the simple virus that changed everything.

I had planned to write about some spring- cleaning topics and get your schools of thought but this virus derailed those ideas and has captured the attention of everyone.

I will say, first and foremost that this virus is and should be taken seriously. I also have some schools of thought of how it has affected the sports world and many other aspects of our day to day life. This is an opinion column and I have opinions, but I also like those opinions to be debated by other schools of thought. The effect of the coronavirus on our sports world is unbelievable. Cancellations and news of changes happened by the minute.

By the time you read this many more things may have changed. This is the downside of a monthly column and the fluid movement with something like this.

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Another school of thought is why this virus scare became political so fast?

It drives me nuts when talking-head idiots on television and social media tell people to listen to the experts in situations like these. These idiots listen and take what they want from the experts and then feel as if they are the experts and then tell us to stop listening to the experts.

If we close schools, colleges, universities and other things, do the people paying for education and taxed for buildings get a refund? If refunds are not given because learning is done on-line does that not minimize the need for huge buildings and new structures all the time? I was in college once upon a time and I have a suspicious feeling that students who will not be going to school, may not adhere to the social distancing recommendations. I may even tend to think many will start spring break early and continue it in places where maybe large groups gather and may be very close to Corona’s with more than just the virus to worry about.

Why is panic purchasing of things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other sanitary items a thing? I have said every year on Thanksgiving, I will check out black Friday shopping just to prepare myself for crazy people and their actions during an emergency or crisis. Do these people who are hoarding these products not practice good hygiene otherwise? I do not need a response; I think I know the answer.

In January I wrote about the vision for 2020 is 2020 vision. I wrote in February about social media. I can see clearly now in March the collision of these topics. I almost feel the bigger virus is that being spread by those just mentioned. I will take my chances with the experts.

For all the athletes who do not get to participate in your sport because of this virus, it sucks. I feel terrible for them. Let me offer a small piece of positivity. You athletes and coaches will have performed or not performed in a historical time that will be talked about forever. That may not be the case if it was just the next game on your schedule. As a sports fan, it also sucks. The positive you can take from is the money saved on the event or gambling etc. You can take that money saved and put it into the downmarket and get the payoff in the long run.

My final school of thought is I hope this is something caused by a rare fluke and can be contained or limited.

Stay safe and smart and let’s hope this is shorter than longer in its March madness.