“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” are famous words by Winston Churchill.

Have you ever gone to see a speaker for work or church or personal growth who told their story but had never faced adversity?

Picture this. A person is standing on stage to give a keynote. They begin by saying something like, “My life has been full of glitter and sparkles. My parents raised me with the right mix of nurtured discipline and independence, sprinkled with positivity. College was a breeze and then I landed the perfect spouse, career and home.

I’ve never been overweight, underweight, disadvantaged, challenged, ignored, abused, unhealthy, unhappy or faced feelings of anxiety, stress or unworthiness. I love to exercise, eat kale and have never drank or smoked too much. Now let me inspire and motivate you!” Nope. Wouldn’t happen. We would certainly boo that person right off the stage.

Instead, we connect with and learn from stories of tough times. Of hardships overcome. Challenges faced head on. Resilience to not allow failures to be the end all but instead stand even taller. We are inspired by people who go through a crisis and come out on the other side stronger because of what they survived.

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There are stories like these that are going to be brought to light by this crisis. Stories of families who were falling apart but forced to get to know one another better, and learn to love each other again. Stories of businesses who almost failed but somehow, in some way, kept pushing forward and made it through. Of people who took on the challenge of being innovative in medicine, transporting goods and services, or even taking their classroom online.

Stories of those struggling with addiction who already felt alone but determination helped them stay clean. Stories of courage. Of strength. Of community, even when we couldn’t commune in person.

So, let’s not waste this crisis. Look around you for those writing their story in real time. It’s time we lift them up and give them the stage.