I attended the City Commission meeting on Monday, Feb.6, in hopes of speaking to the Commission. Since I had not received my agenda for the meeting, I called city offices to inquire why I was taken off the email list. I was told the agenda is on the city web site. I printed the agenda with the first item being public hearing for termination of Mike Reitan.

Upon arriving at the meeting the agenda then stated it was to be only a Hearing. The following is a copy in which I had planned to present to the Commission.

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Being employed by the City of West Fargo for 35 years, having served under many of you - I would like to say a few words.

I need to express my disappointment in the way the process of eliminating Mike Reitan was handled. I say eliminate, because in my opinion this was the initial intent. Not giving an employee a chance to be advised of any of the allegations and allow them a chance to respond and/or correct the items being accused of, in my mind, is not justice. I am also very disappointed in the investigation being conducted internally.

My heart goes out to the employees being put in this position by in-house administration knowing that any positive comments might put them in jeopardy at a later time. To me this also places questions in the minds of West Fargo residents.

In reading parts of the administrative report, I did discover a few comments that I was either a part of or witnessed, when employed by the City of West Fargo, not being 100 percent true. It has been known that sometimes if you say something enough times to others, they do believe it to be true.

You have already decided to terminate Chief Reitan, however, this issue will not be resolved, I feel your problems have only begun. My prayers have been with the Reitan family, but I am extending my prayers to the Police Department employees, to this Commission and to the citizens of West Fargo.

Sharon Schacher

West Fargo