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Letter: What is happening to our once great city?

Another disappointment with the decisions made by the leadership of West Fargo. One has to wonder who will be put on administrative leave or be terminated next. Placing Greg Warren on administrative leave is the most unbelievable front page news anyone could imagine.

There is no one in this city who doesn't love and respect Greg Warren. He is not only home grown, but the most kind, honest and light-hearted (not to mention funny), person you are ever going to encounter. The fact that he too, was blind-sighted being placed on administrative leave, makes one wonder if anyone knows the mess they are creating.

I was so very proud of being employed by the City of West Fargo for 35 years and of being a resident for 47 years. When asked where I had worked or where I live, I boldly shouted out "City of West Fargo." Now, I answer ever so softly with the same, but dread the questions that follow regarding why the two employees of the police department have been targeted.

I only pray that something changes so that pride is reinstated.

Sharon Schacher

West Fargo