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West Fargo needs crossing guard program

As a mother I tend to worry more than I rightfully should about my son and his well being, and I will admit that my worries aren't always of utmost importance. Sometimes I worry about irrational things as I'm sure all mothers do, but I have always felt that my child was safe crossing the street in front of his school until the other day.

Our family moved to West Fargo over the summer and my son began fourth grade in the West Fargo School District. I dropped my son off on the first day of school and immediately noticed there were no crossing guards to be seen.

We were very early the first day, so there weren't many children trying to cross the street, or much traffic for that matter. It wasn't until after school that my anxiety went off the charts as I watched young children running across the street without as much as a glance to look for cars. I also witnessed two cars slam on their breaks in order to not run over children. It was utter chaos and was absolutely terrifying for me, not only as a parent, but also as a driver.

I read an article the other day about a 9-year-old boy who was hit by a car near a West Fargo school. Luckily, that child wasn't killed, but who knows what will become of the next child this happens to. Hopefully there won't be another incident like that, but if we continue on without a crossing guard program more occurrences like this are highly probable.

My question is what is stopping the district from implementing a crossing guard program? Being from Minnesota, I have never encountered a school without some kind of safety or crossing program in place at an elementary school. I have always thought those type of programs were mandatory, which they very well should be. There is absolutely no reason for not keeping these

children safe.

A crossing guard program not only will keep our children safe and make driving in the school zones easier, but it also teaches children responsibility. Most children would love to be a crossing guard and surely the schools have some available staff to train the children and monitor the process.

If there isn't available school staff to adequately train and monitor the program, I know that it could be run off of parent volunteers in the community.

I refuse to sit by idly while this chaos continues. There needs to be a program put into place and it needs to be done as soon as possible. There is no reason that children should not be protected when they are crossing the street at school.

If this letter and my phone calls don't solve the problem, I will start a petition. Please call the West Fargo Schools and tell them to keep our children safe!