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Letter: I wonder about our political landscape as I wander

Tis the season of politics, of blame and shame, hope and despair. I wonder as I wander ...

• I wonder if politicians could learn to tell their story of accomplishment, dreams and hope... instead of blaming and shaming their opponents.

• I wonder if politicans could learn how to ignore sweet siren songs imploring them to seek power, not service.

• I wonder if those back home could learn to expect service for the greater good of all from their representatives, not special favors for their district.

• I wonder if there could be term limits set (3 for senators who serve 6-year terms; 6 for representatives who serve 2-year terms) so they could serve the country instead of wrangling power to advance their status.

• I wonder when WE THE CITIZENS will seek the greater good for all citizens.

• I wonder if political representatives in this democracy called the USA could be concerned about all citizens... not just their financial backers, back-room advisors and constituents who wear the same skin colors, clothing, sexual preferences and religious beliefs.

• I wonder if I will live to see a democracy of the people, for the people and by the people.

• I wonder ...

Pretty lives in Moorhead