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Letter: Ross Nelson's assertions of media bias say more about him

Ross Nelson's op-ed piece in Saturday's Forum was typical for a right-of-center person in that his own bias framed the approach he took on the topic of media bias.

First of all, I would argue there is no such entity as non-bias; it is an inherent characteristic in all people and the most any of us can hope for is to recognize that reality, and then, depending upon the situation (for example, scientific/academic research, etc.), try to control for it as much as possible.

In other areas (such as op-eds, letters-to-editor, speeches, etc.), our bias can be forthright, but should be a respectful presentation of our point of view.

While Nelson does an admirable task in exhibiting the former category, he rather falls down in the latter one, to wit: phrases such as "eagerly swallowed" and "baloney dished out" relative to the center-left Washington Post set up an immediate negative tone, showing his own bias in an attempt to preach to the choir; his over-reliance on adverbs mocks the intelligence level of his potential reader, as their usage most often contributes little of substance (how eager is eagerly?); "The media" encompasses more than just newspapers, so why even use the term?; his advocacy for open bias in presenting information to the public would no doubt end up being a mere preaching to the choir for every and all sides, rather than an attempt to disseminate actual facts that would in reality contribute toward people weighing all available information and then making an actual informed choice.

I would argue that what is most noticeable here, however, is Nelson's lack of acknowledging the media bias of right-wing media sites such as television's Fox News (which is an oxymoron, as the company is more opinion than news); the various radio stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting; talk-show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et. all.; and the internet's Brietbart News (again, an oxymoron).

But most important is Nelson's refusal to acknowledge that any media bias that exists toward Der Gropenfurher is, in the main, a result of the actions of the man himself, as well the actions by various members of his administration and White House staff, who to a person seem to enjoy the obfuscations, omissions, and outright lies that are a daily occurrence on the part of this administration.

Bigotry in sheep's clothing, indeed.

Hempeck lives in Hendrum, Minn.