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Letter: Stay involved, keep our elected officials on the right path

Frustrated? Chewing your nails and pulling your hair? There is a reasonable way to channel frustration with our elected leaders. It's old-fashioned study and work and begins with local reorganization meetings to prepare for the next election.

In Cass County, the Dem-NPL (stands for Democratic-Non-Partisan League) meets on Feb. 9,

at the Carl Ben Eielson School, 1601 South 13th Avenue in Fargo. The day begins with classes at 10 a.m., a chili feed at 11 a.m., reports by legislators at noon and then the group dispenses into separate rooms where districts choose their leaders for the next two years.

As a long-time member of District 13, the heart of West Fargo, I personally invite anyone over 18 who believes in truth, justice and service to join us. North Dakota has no voter registration except to prove who you are at the time of voting. So, come if you think of yourself as a Democrat, Independent or are just confused as to what is a Republican these days.

Now that Measure One (The Ethics Bill) passed despite the pleas of the powerful, our long-time Dist. 13 representative has co-sponsored a bill to kill the intent of the bill and has been suggested as a member of the board to oversee ethics.

The last time I checked, he was the prime recipient of state travel funds that would be one of the subjects for ethics oversight. A representative from a Fargo district who has a similarly questionable background was selected by his buddies to head the board.

It will take preparation, study, time and money to replace these representatives. If you live in Cass County but don't know which district you're in, come anyway and we'll help you find out.

I think it is time for new people who listen to voters and share a brighter vision for West Fargo and North Dakota to represent us as legislators and in other non-partisan offices.

We can thank our current representatives for all the work they have done and move on.

I hope to see you on Feb. 9 at the reorganization meeting.

Jackie Brodshaug

West Fargo