After years of what looked like a house surrounded by open space, the corner of Ninth Street and Main Avenue will soon be developed.

Forum Communications Co., which owns the property has proposed tearing down the white and red house, a longtime transmission building for WDAY Television and will build an office building and two warehouses.

Levi Arneson, a project manager said the new buildings will be worth about $30 to $35 million.

At the City Commission meeting on Monday, May 20, the commission granted FCC two of three access points to the site from Ninth Street that the architects had requested.

Public Works Director Chris Brungardt was concerned that having three access points off Ninth Street could be problematic in the future as Ninth Street is a main artery north to County Road 20 and if the F-M Diversion is built in the area, traffic could increase heavily. Brungardt said if traffic increased exponentially and the access could have to be cut in the future.

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"It’s a lot easier to address it now than it is to come back and do it later," he said.

The City Commission approved the building plans Monday, allowing construction to move forward.