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Sahli: Schools of thought

Mark Sahli, columnist for The Pioneer Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

I would like to take this first column to introduce myself to The West Fargo Pioneer readers. I am a North Dakota lifelong resident and have resided in West Fargo for nearly 30 years. During that time, I have been married and tasked by my choice to help raise two sons and several dogs, which have helped me learn many things along the way.

My wife of nearly 25 years has been the main teacher in how things are supposed to be and from who I have learned the most, or else.

As a North Dakota State University graduate, where I studied journalism and Public Relations, I have always dabbled with writing on the side of my other careers. My most notable and recent work has been as a columnist, writing about North Dakota State University athletics. I wrote for The Spectrum and Bison Illustrated over the years.

I am now taking on an opportunity given to me from the editors at the West Fargo Pioneer. I am excited to bring a differing style or look to a paper which is growing right along with the community it is embedded. The column will definitely have some of my opinions, but is more along the lines of a radio or television talk show in print. I will give more than one way of looking at things or (school of thought) and be open to you the reader's point of view or thought. The journalist vs. the columnist will try and present the topic from all sides and let you the reader decide.The columnist will definitely offer some thoughts as well.

West Fargo has grown unbelievably in the last ten years and now has two sets of schools within the district. As far as sports goes with that growth, the opportunity for more athletes and extra- curricular activities as a whole has evolved. This has spurred instant rivalries and immediate growth within the Eastern Dakota Conference in North Dakota. This can and should be a good thing but along with it, can also bring about instant hatred and jealousy and flat out immaturity. These factors are not always a concern of those in the arena of competition.. Most of the time this if brought on by those who are outside the arena or field and this is wrong. Competitors for the most part will respect their opponent and want to beat them in whatever they are competing in, but should leave all of that on the field, court or whatever facility of competition.

We now have the Mustangs and Packers or Packers and Mustangs. Which is better? I will let you decide, or rather let those in the arena decide. It should be fun for years to come.

Sahli is a long-time West Fargo resident, parent, coach, outdoor enthusiast, and former columnist for NDSU Bison athletics in varying publications. He can be reached at for comments and ideas.