If there was any doubt West Fargo High School made the right decision installing field turf on its football field, it seems to have been erased on the surface's first day of operation.

Following two days of brutal, heavy rain, the Packer strength and conditioning team held the first team activity on the recently completed field turf when it conducted a morning workout on July 10.

FieldTurf, the company handling all turf installations in the district, officially gave West Fargo's surface a passing grade during an inspection Friday. Athletes were given permission to use the surface two days earlier, after bad weather delayed FieldTurf's initial inspection.

While the unfavorable conditions of the previous 48 hours likely would have made practicing on the field's previous grass surface difficult, athletic director Jay DeCann said there was no sign of trouble during the morning walk-thru.

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"It was everything we thought it would be," he said. “We’ve have three-and-a-half to four inches of rain over the last few days and it was actually raining a little bit during their workouts. And there wasn’t a kid wearing any spikes and there was no slipping or sliding. The surface was dry."

The Packer girls soccer team, which will play on the surface this spring after moving over from the Lodoen Community Center, also got a sneak peak of what it will be competing on after hosting a team camp Wednesday afternoon.

Early reviews were positive.

"It's beautiful," girls soccer coach George Gauld said. "The ball's moving really well and the girls are having a lot of fun. We're fortunate to have such a beautiful facility to play on."