GARRISON – Ice remains on a good portion of Lake Sakakawea and it may remain that way for at least another week.

The upper end of Lake Sakakawea has been ice free for several days. However, the middle and lower ends of the reservoir remained coated in a great sheet of ice. On Saturday, the southern shore of Lake Sakakawea in the Beulah and Hazen areas had plenty of open water, particularly in Beaver Bay and other large inlets.

Lake Sakakawea's latest ice-free date is May 17, 1979.

At Lake Sakakawea State Park on the south side of Sakakawea there is open water in places. Lake Sakakawea was declared frozen December 27, 2017. That is a total of 133 days of ice, tying 2008-09 for the seventh most days of ice in reservoir history.

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