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Made-to-order fitness plan caters to individual needs

“I did not have motivation to workout on my own and I’m finding it much easier to get myself to the gym now thanks to you guys!” 

These words of determination from Brittany Burke who became a firm believer in the power of regular training after joining the all new RAW Fitness whose promotional catchphrase has become “commit to get fit,” with the RAW standing for ‘Results Are Waiting.’

Leading the charge are new business owner-instructors Lori Maasjo an NASM-CPT certified personal trainer and Jennifer Kruger, a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Both Fargo residents, they have 18 years of combined experience in the field.

RAW Fitness specializes in just what its name implies — catering to personal training for all age and gender fitness levels, youth to seniors, sedentary to active — but with a little bit different twist — conducting the sessions in the location of the client’s choosing.

Kruger said the business is committed to accommodating the busy lifestyles of people who prefer the natural settings and privacy of their own homes or other preferred locations. “We will train you anywhere — your home, our homes, outdoors, a gym, and yes, even online.”

With a client base already growing in West Fargo, Fargo and Dilworth, the pair is branching out even further taking their fitness program on the road traveling to other towns.

A key component of their training is the personalized plan developed to accommodate each individual’s goals and needs, also incorporating nutritional guidance into the process as a key aspect.

“Nutrition is an important part of any exercise program,” Kruger emphasized. “We will guide you to make informed and healthy decisions and work with you to to realize your potential.”

“Our goal is to help you get started and stay motivated,” Maasjo added. “And for clients hesitant to begin a personal training program on their own, a buddy training option is also available. Finding a partner helps to increase motivation and accountability.”

Taking the convenience offering to an even higher level is the online training program featuring weekly nutrition plans and workouts specifically designed that are emailed to the client providing the opportunity to work out whenever and wherever they want.

Boot camps and group training sessions are also in the process of being formulated into the RAW Fitness campaign plan.

Both Maasjo and Kruger want to emphasize the adaptability of their program and the fact that it can truly be structured to fit everyone’s lifestyle needs. “You’ll make friends, get motivation from those around you and have lots of fun in the process of strengthening and getting fit. Whether you’re just getting started or a regular fitness buff, you’ll benefit from these classes that cater to all skill levels with the end result a leaner, stronger, healthier you.”

For more information, the pair can be contacted at, 701-306-5193; or at 701-212-6164;,