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Koppelman appointed by high court

Rep. Kim Koppelman of West Fargo has been appointed to the Supreme Court's Judicial Planning Committee by North Dakota Chief Justice Gerald VanDeWalle, with the concurrence of the Court.

The committee is tasked with planning for the continued viability of North Dakota's Judicial System, studying the operation of the courts and engaging in short-term and long-term planning for the future of the courts.

"The Judicial Planning Committee's work is important, because it is designed to ensure that the public has access to the judicial system in North Dakota and that the courts work for the citizens," said Koppelman. "North Dakota has an excellent court system and the work of this committee strives to help the judicial branch of government continue to effectively serve the people of North Dakota."

Koppelman's work with the judiciary spans many years. He has served on the Judiciary Committee during most of his tenure in the House of Representatives, including serving as the panel's vice chairman. He chairs the Constitutional Revision Committee and serves on the Interim Judiciary and Judicial Process Committees.

Koppelman co-founded and, for years, co-chaired the Interbranch Working Group of the Council of State Governments (CSG), which is made up of all three branches of government in all 50 states and several Canadian provinces.

He also organized and hosted the first national Interbranch Summit of the States in Bismarck last year, while serving as CSG Chairman. It was attended by members of all three branches of government from many states, including officials from as far away as Hawaii, Alabama, and Pennsylvania, as well as all members of the North Dakota Supreme Court.

Its focus was communication and cooperation among the branches of state government.

Koppelman previously served on a joint committee of the North Dakota Supreme Court and the North Dakota Bar Association, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, and continues to serve on its Family Law Subcommittee.

Koppelman represents West Fargo's District 13 in the North Dakota House of Representatives.