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Alberty reappointed chair of ag council

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring has reappointed eight members and appointed six new members to the North Dakota Agriculture in the Classroom Council.

Goehring said Kim Alberty, general manager of Agassiz Seeds, West Fargo, has been  reappointed as chairman of the 20-member council. Also reappointed were Leland Barth, Dakota Pride Cooperative, Solen; Shannon Berndt, Northern Pulse Growers Association, Bismarck; Virginia Dietz, Bennett Elementary School, Fargo; Steven Edwardson, North Dakota Barley Council, Fargo; Gary Hoffman, Midwest Dairy Association; Ashley; Aggie Jennings, North Dakota Farmers Union, Washburn, and Jill Vigesaa, Project Food, Land & People, Fargo.

"I am pleased that these council members have agreed to serve another term," Goehring said. "Individually and as a group, they have provided sound guidance to the Agriculture in the Classroom program, ensuring that information about agriculture is available to North Dakota teachers and their students.

Newly appointed voting members include Aaron Anderson, North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education, Bismarck; Nancy Jo Bateman, North Dakota Beef Commission, Bismarck; Sheri Coleman, Northern Canola Growers Association, Bismarck; JoDee Free, Central Cass High School, Casselton; Kirk Olson, McKenzie County Farm Bureau, Arnegard; and Wendi Stachler, North Dakota State University graduate student, Kindred.

Non-voting members include Beth Bakke-Stenehjem, North Dakota FFA Foundation, Bismarck; Jeff Beck, North Dakota Geographic Alliance, Minot; Becky Koch, NDSU Ag Communications, Fargo, and Gail Scherweit-Bakko, North Dakota Farm Bureau. All hold program contracts from the council. Their council membership coincides with the term of their contracts.

Statutory members include Goehring and Superintendent of Public Instruction Wayne Sanstead.

The North Dakota Agriculture in the Classroom program helps teachers integrate agricultural information into the science, math, social studies, language arts and other classes they teach. The program offers a variety of curricula and class lesson development materials, training seminars, a magazine and other tools for teachers to use to make agriculture part of the school day.