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SBA honors Union State Bank with Director's Award

Union State Bank is being presented the Director's Award by the North Dakota District Office of the Small Business Administration (SBA) for its outstanding commitment in supporting small businesses in North Dakota. Union State Bank provided more SBA support to its clients than any other financial institution in North Dakota and now ranks as the number one SBA loan provider in the state.

"It's a great feeling," said Mary Johnson, President of Union State Bank. "With SBA programs, we seize the opportunity to expand small businesses that fly under the radar of big banks. Together, we have the knowledge and resources to better our customers' lives."

Johnson credits her staff for taking the extra steps to get SBA loans for Union State Bank customers.

"We deal a lot with SBA loans because we are willing to put in the work the bigger guys aren't. We talk with customers and don't push them through an automated system. Our values match those of the SBA, so it's great to see an organization work to help support our local economy at the entrepreneurial level," said Lori DeKeyser, Senior Vice President and Commercial Lender at Union State Bank.

Commercial Lender Kory Shae agreed, "Commercial lending is the lifeblood of a growing community. Union is common sense banking that finds the best way to help finance businesses. It's why Union is so happy to have a resource like the SBA. We both see the potential of people. Together, we make the numbers work."

For more information about the North Dakota Small Business Administration visit them online at or contact the North Dakota District Office at 701-239-5131 or