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Renewable Energy Alliance elects board members, officers

Patrice Lahlum, West Fargo, has been re-elected chair of the North Dakota Alliance for Renewable Energy (NDARE). 

"NDARE focuses on the development of our renewable energy sector and also on energy efficiency and conservation opportunities," Lahlum said.  "As consumers continue to feel the pinch of higher energy prices - especially at the pump - it is paramount to further develop and diversify our energy portfolio to include both traditional and renewable energy sources."

Lahlum, a consultant to the Great Plains Institute on biomass programs, was re-elected at the NDARE annual meeting April 26 in Bismarck.

Other re-elected officers include Kim Christianson, Great Plains Energy Corridor, vice chair, and Jocie Iszler, communications consultant, secretary-treasurer.  Other board members include Al Christianson, Great River Energy; Mindi Grieve, Environmental Law & Policy Center; Terry Goerger, farmer; and Mike Williams, Greenfields Energy.

Both Lahlum and Mindi Grieve were also re-elected to three year terms on the board of directors.   

"North Dakota's vast energy resources present significant opportunities for future development, "Grieve said.  "Renewable energy provides a clean, sustainable pathway for future energy production and use."

The North Dakota Alliance for Renewable Energy is a diverse membership-based advocacy organization that works with citizens, industry, government, interest groups, and educators to promote the development and use of renewable energy, including biofuels, biomass and wind energy, as well as the widespread adoption of smart energy efficiency and conservation practices.

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