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High Point Networks implements Pay-IT-Forward program

"Pay IT Forward" is an employer-sponsored program that offers High Point Networks' employees the opportunity to make contributions to charitable organizations of their choice.

Employees are encouraged to choose a charity, foundation or non-profit organization that is personally meaningful to them. High Point Networks made charitable contributions to 26 different organizations totaling $14,000 this past holiday season.

High Point Networks believes that vibrant, healthy communities have strong charitable and educational organizations that are supported by the volunteer time and financial contributions of community citizens and local businesses.

With a West Fargo office 1207 Prairie Parkway, Suite A, High Point Networks is a leader in business and in the communities it serves, empowering its employees to stand up for a cause which often inspires others to get involved. The goal with the program is to help instill confidence and optimism, and to make a difference in the lives of other people.

Contributing to organizations and community groups that employees care about enables High Point Networks to promote a more positive work environment and build shared pride in the company's role in the community. The company had a profitable and successful year in 2011 at High Point Networks and welcomes the opportunity to "Pay IT Forward".