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A-1 Sealcoating adds glass to mix

A West Fargo contractor has implemented an environmentally friendly sealcoating design, which will reduce the input of glass going to landfills.

A-1 Sealcoating Inc. is a disabled vet-owned business based in West Fargo. The owners, Ron and Cody LaCoe, have been developing a mix design that incorporates recycled glass to help the environment for the past year.

Ron Lacoe says this process could potentially take millions of pounds of glass out of landfills.

"Cody and I have done two service stations and a motel," LaCoe said, "and we have used about 1,200 pounds of glass in those projects."

LaCoe is hoping to take this idea to the Asphalt Maintenance Trade Show in Nashville in January.

He would also like to introduce it to the Federal Aviation Administration and Government to allow this mix design to be used at airports and government offices, along with the forestry department, in the near future.