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4-H youth recognized for communication skills

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The annual Cass County 4-H Communication Arts and Expo Contest was held Jan. 30, at the Horace Elementary School, with approximately 130 presentations and displays from youth ages 5 - 18 presented in 17 different competitive categories. The purpose of the Communication Arts contest is to help 4-H youth learn to organize information and develop skills in communication. The Expo contest is an opportunity for 4-H members to research a topic directly related to a 4-H project and prepare a table-top educational display. The winners in the Communication Arts categories will compete in June at the District 4-H Communication Arts Contest to be held in Fargo. The Expo winners will compete in the State 4-H Expo Contest to be held at the North Dakota State Fair in July.


Speech Contest winners included:

Pre-Teen Division: Interpretive Reading/Humorous, Anna Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars, Mikayla Dodge, Davenport, Sandburrs, Zoe Alvarez, Kindred, Sandburrs, Rachel Erickson, Fargo, Rainbow Kids; Interpretive Reading/Serious, Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars, Kathryn Weinmann, Fargo, The Uniters; Public Speaking, Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars, Arianna Alvarez, Kindred, Sandburrs; Dramatic Presentation/Individual, Bryce Langerud, Harwood, Triple "C;" Dramatic Presentation/Team, Erica Weinmann and Kathryn Weinmann, Fargo, The Uniters; Commercial/Team, Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars, and Talia Dalzell, Horace, Horace Stars; Broadcast/Team, Chloe Horton, Fargo, The Uniters, and Kathryn Weinmann, Fargo, The Uniters; Rebekah Koch, Fargo, The Uniters and Erica Weinmann, Fargo, The Uniters; Short Takes, Bailey Schock, Kindred, Kindred 4-H Friends.

Teen Division: Interpretive Reading/Serious, Harshita Gaba, Fargo, Rainbow Kids; Interpretive Reading/Humorous, Naomi Danielson, Fargo, Rainbow Kids, Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, Golden Clovers; Short Takes, Sarah Dodge, Davenport, Sandburrs.

Demonstration Contest winners included:

Pre-Teen Division: Demonstration/Individual, Sheyenne Frietag, Walcott, Kindred 4-H Friends, Isabetta Herrera Grant, West Fargo, Harwood Helpers, Violet Tegtmeier, Grandin, Greenfields, Emily Erickson, Fargo, Rainbow Kids; Illustrated Talk/Individual, Adin Enockson, Fargo, Fargo Fun; Presentation Software/Individual, Kenyon Koch, Fargo, Rainbow Kids;

Teen Division: Demonstration/Individual, Jenni Moore, Arthur, Greenfields; Presentation Software/Individual, Michaela Liebl, West Fargo, Triple "C."

Project Expo winners included:

Pre-Teen Division Champions: Theresa Klinnert, Kindred, Kindred 4-H Friends, Ashley Stoppleworth, Horace, Horace Stars, Vivielle Herrera Grant, West Fargo, Harwood Helpers.

Teen Division Champions: Kaleen Krueger, Casselton, Golden Clovers, Karley Schaefer, West Fargo, Triple "C," Austin Rust, Harwood, Golden Clovers.