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American Quarter Horse event at Schollander

The SVTPA Penning and Sorting, an American Quarter Horse Association approved special event will be held Dec. 5-7, at the Schollander Pavilion at the West Fargo Fairgrounds.

American Quarter Horse shows test horses' abilities in dozens of different classes, this one is for barrel racing, team penning, and ranch sorting enthusiasts.

People who exhibit at an American Quarter Horse Show earn points that turn into awards or cash at the end of the year. By competing at an AQHA show, exhibitors and horses also can qualify for an AQHA world championship show, the premier event in the entire equine industry.

"We welcome all American Quarter Horse owners as well as anyone who has a passion for horses," said Don Treadway, AQHA executive vice president. "AQHA shows are fun, and anyone who has ever wanted to get involved with horses or compete at an AQHA show is encouraged to attend."

Each year, AQHA approves more than 3,000 shows and special events across the globe. For more information about the SVTPA penning and sorting, contact Keith Lynnes at 701-428-9825.

For additional information about AQHA, including showing, racing, or recreational riding programs, contact 806-376-4811 or visit their Web site at