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Arbor Day honors

Longtime West Fargo resident and community supporter Larry Lubben. David Samson / Forum News Service

Longtime West Fargo resident and community supporter Larry Lubben was honored at the annual city of West Fargo Arbor Day celebration held May 16 in Maplewood Park on 17th Avenue East with family and friends on hand for the occasion. Lubben requested that an oak tree be planted because of its hardiness and longevity. He said it was such an honor to be recognized with the tree dedication for Arbor Day."Even though I am not born and raised here in West Fargo - we moved here in November of 1979, I have always felt like a "native" son or an adopted son and proud to call this town my home. Getting involved in community activities and school activities is so easy because of the great people I have worked with -- it's like a family. I appreciated that so many of the City officials were there on Thursday - they made it such a special and memorable day."