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Bonanzaville board completes open meeting law training

Bonanzaville board members and staff recently completed training on open meeting laws with the session presented by assistant attorney general Mary Kay Kelsch.

Cass County Commissioners voted in August to decrease the amount of funding Bonanzaville would receive from the county by nearly $20,000 due to open meeting law infractions in 2005 and again in early 2011.

The training was made mandatory for Bonanzaville to receive any funding for 2012.

"This training was invaluable for both the staff and the board and any uncertainty as to what constitutes an official meeting has been clarified," Executive Director Troy White said. "Additional staff and board governance training is planned in the near future as part of our plan to move Bonanzaville forward in a positive direction."

On Dec. 5, Cass County Commissioners voted to release the 2012 funds to Bonanzaville after completing the required training. At that time, White asked the Commissioners to reconsider their decision to decrease Bonanzaville's funding. Cass County Commissioner Scott Wagner stated that the funds had already been allocated, however commended Bonanzaville on the progress they are making and would take that into consideration when planning the 2013 budget.

Bonanzaville is operated by the Cass County Historical Society, with a mission to collect, display and interpret artifacts relevant to the history and cultural heritage of the Red River Valley. It is the region's largest historical attraction with 43 buildings, and more than 400,000 artifacts.

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