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Boy Scout book drive huge success

Boy Scout Troops from West Fargo and Horace collected 3,766 books during a recent campaign to provide used books to area assistance programs. The Scouts gathered books from their own homes as well as from relatives, friends and neighbors. Once collected, the books were divided by type for appropriate distribution by the receiving agency.

Agencies receiving books were: Churches United for the Homeless; YWCA; Lutheran Social Services; Cooper House; Juvenile Hall; Cass County Jail and The Food Pantry. Riverview Place and Charism also received books to add to their reading programs.

Carol Lovejoy, Argusville, said, "I love to read and over time I have collected quite a number of books. It's great to be able to pass the books along to someone else who may be able to use them." Verna Rasmussen, West Fargo, also provided books for the drive. "As a teacher its fun to know some of the books will be utilized in reading programs," she said.

Troops participating in the book drive and the number of books collected were: Troop 232, sponsored by the West Fargo VFW, 820 books; Troop 274, sponsored by Horace Lions, 374 books; and Troop 279, sponsored by Holy Cross and Church of the Cross, 2572 books.