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Boy Scout Troop 279 places second

The Scouts of Troop 279 competed in the BSA Northern Sky District Klondike Derby Feb. 6, at the MSUM Science Center, Buffalo River State Park, capturing first in land navigation, tying for first in four of seven events and placing second in overall scoring.

During the Klondike, the Scouts were required to pull a homemade sled weighing at least 50 pounds and carry the equipment necessary to complete the course. The seven events took place along a five mile course running beside the Buffalo River. Events included: first aid, knot tying, lashing, fire building, smooching, egg toss, and land navigation. The final event of the day was a 200 yard sled race.

Scouts competing for Troop 279 were Nick Reitan, Jacob Fischer, Nathan Reitan, Trevor Carpenter, Jack Olson and Jacob Ustanko. The Troop is sponsored by Holy Cross Church and Lutheran Church of the Cross, West Fargo.