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Event will raise money for WF orphan

The Shamrock Charity bowling tournament will raise money for a college fund for 4-year-old Ryan Mullenberg, whose mother Ronda (right) passed away on Jan. 1. Submitted photo

In their second charitable effort, the Shamrock Charity will hold a charity bowling tournament on May 17 at the Red River Lanes in Fargo.

Less than one year old, the Shamrock Charity is currently awaiting federal approval, and aims to start college funds for children who have lost a parent.

Founder Chad Zimmerman began the charity to honor his friend Tylar Plantz, who ran T’s Shamrock Bar in Casselton and passed away in August of 2012. He left behind a wife and a 6-year-old son.

Zimmerman said losing Plantz “stung pretty hard,” so he decided to honor his memory with a charity golf tournament designed to raise money for Plantz’s son.

The charity was born, sharing its name with Plantz’s bar and striving to provide “luck for kids.”

“Kids that go through something like that obviously have some obstacles ahead of them,” Zimmerman said. “I thought it would be nice for us to do this.”

Through the event, they managed to raise $6,000.

This year, the charity has found a new cause.

Ronda Pearl Mullenberg of West Fargo went in for elective surgery before Christmas, but, due to complications, passed away on New Year’s Day, leaving behind her 4-year-old son, Ryan.

Ryan has since been adopted by his aunt, Roxanne Mullenberg.

According to Zimmerman, Plantz loved to celebrate New Year's Day, often hosting a large party. So when Zimmerman heard about Ryan losing his mother on that day, he knew he had to do something.

By “pure happenstance,” the charity suggested a bowling tournament this year before they found out that Mullenberg had come from a family that loves to bowl.

While he was happy with the amount of money raised in the charity’s first endeavor, Zimmerman admits that the funds needed for a start-up charity meant less than he had hoped for Plantz’s family.

“What I would like to see is a bit more money come through this time,” Zimmerman said. “College is ridiculously expensive nowadays, and honestly, a few thousand dollars just isn’t enough anymore. We are hoping to create a little more perpetuity.”

Zimmerman’s vision for the charity is to set up annual events for each child.

The bowling tournament will begin at 11 a.m. with two hours of games for kids and family bowling. At 1 p.m., a three-game tournament - with teams of up to five bowlers - will go until 5 p.m. After that, three hours of “extreme” bowling will take place.

The event will cost $15 for the family bowling and $20 for the rest.

For more information, visit the Shamrock Charity’s Facebook page, or call the Health Source Chiropractic office – Zimmerman’s place of work – at (701) 451-9098 to register for the event.