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News from the Nest: Celtic festival great but carrying a bag definitely a requirement

By Stephanie Lauritsen

A few Saturdays ago I decided to go to the Celtic festival. My husband had a meeting at the same time, so my son, daughter and I went without him. The festival was a blast. We watched a bagpipe band, dancers, and a folksy band. We also learned all about the Hjemkomst and my son’s favorite part was the armor, weapons and jousting display. 

In addition to all the great exhibits the organizers of the event sold passports for kids. I purchased a passport for my son and daughter and as we walked through the festival we stopped at different booths to get stickers, filling up their passport. This is a great concept. The hunt definitely kept my kids engaged as we marched through the hallways.

The only downside was also an upside. See at every exhibit they needed to visit to fill their passport there was also an art project. First they got to make a castle bank, and then a dragon. At other stops they made a necklace, crown, several coloring pages and don’t forget the shield. Awesome, right? The one thing they failed to do was give us a bag in which to carry all of their projects! With a curious four year-old and seven year-old I think you can quickly guess who was carrying all of these projects for the FOUR hours we spent at the festival. My only reprieve was when we sat down to watch the dancers half way through our visit.

On our way home we were two hours past our normal lunch and my daughter was in border-line meltdown mode. As we pulled into our garage I practically jumped out of my seat excited to see my husband had beat us home. We entered and I didn’t even take my coat off. I made the kiddos each a grilled cheese and told my husband I needed to go to the grocery store. We live a few minutes out of town so unless it’s necessary we try to plan grocery trips around other things in town. He could tell I was stressed and told me not to worry about groceries; we had plenty of food until the next day. Then he realized why I was going and said “unless you just need to get away.” “Yes,” I replied, “I just need to get out.” He laughed and told me with a bit of sarcasm to have fun at the grocery store.

With a sense of relief in my shoulders, I headed to town. First I went through the drive thru of my favorite coffee shop and then headed to Costco. Yes, I’m the person who gets a latte first and then goes grocery shopping. I went up and down every aisle and snacked on what seemed like endless samples which became my much needed lunch. And as we all do, I bought a lot more items than planned. My trip turned into some much needed ME time after our busy morning, even if it was just to buy groceries.

In the end it was a great day. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll definitely visit the Celtic Festival again. But next time I’ll remember to bring my own bag.