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News from the Nest: Excellent lesson learned

On a cold Saturday, I packed my kids up in the van and we were off to the mall. I told them we were going to run errands and Mommy was going to get a coffee.

While we were shopping, my four-year-old told me he wanted Sketchers.

How does he even know what Sketchers are? And demanding brand names at four? I don't think so!

So I explained to him that we don't always get what we want, he has perfectly good shoes and doesn't need another pair right now. The Sketchers are a 'want' not a 'need.'

As we left the mall I thought to myself "wow, what a good lesson he just learned." I felt like mom of the year, until the bomb hit... Then he asked, "Mommy, what about your half-caf?"

Okay, okay, so I go through the coffee drive-through a little too often. Am I teaching him something bad by getting a medium, half-caf, sugar-free, cinnamon-vanilla, latte with skim every once in a while? (Pretty long title for a coffee, I know.)

Oh how I wanted a coffee, but if I got one, my integrity (and Mom of the Year sash) was surely gone.

I tried to justify the purchase in my mind, after all, a latte is MUCH less expensive than Sketchers. Or, I could always pull the "Mommy needs coffee for my headache" but I didn't really want to encourage chemical dependency.

Finally, I realized that the principles I teach my children are much more important than a little latte addiction I may have. So I took a deep breath and told him that coffee is a 'want' and not a 'need,' just like Sketchers, so I too would go without.

That was a close one...

Lauritsen from West Fargo enjoys writing, in particular, sharing her insight into parenting issues that present themselves daily in the upbringing and nurturing of her two small children.