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News from the Nest: Imagination Christmas

I get a little nervous when present time comes around each Christmas. You just never really know what the grand-parents, aunts and uncles are going to come up with for our kids. This year, however, I must say they all did a great job when picking out gifts. 

My son got his first remote control truck this year. It's so much fun! The other day I asked him to come to the kitchen to get his vitamins and he drove his truck to me, I placed the gummy vitamins on top and he drove it back. So cool.

He also loves to dress up in costumes. For Christmas he received costumes for both the green soldier from Toy Story as well as Optimus Prime, his favorite Transformer. He's already worn them both, multiple times. Our entire family now knows that post-Halloween sales are like hitting the jackpot when shopping for my preschooler.

Both of our kids LOVE puzzles and each received at least six this year and they were thrilled! There's nothing better as a parent than seeing my kids get excited when they successfully complete a puzzle. They are learning, playing and building confidence in themselves. I was recently informed that our daycare has pinned my daughter as the "puzzle picker-upper" because she knows exactly which pieces go to which puzzle.

My daughter received a play kitchen and both she and my son have already spent hours cooking and baking for me. I find myself wondering, "Is it too early to let them try with the real kitchen?"

She also received a stroller, crib and high chair set for her babies.  The other day I was "shushed" because the baby was sleeping and I was too loud. 

My oldest sister thoroughly enjoys buying my kids gifts that include as many pieces as possible. Last year, she gave my daughter 100 pieces of fake food to go along with her shopping cart. Do you have any idea how many pieces are lying around my house still? Ugh. 

This year she bought my son an easel which, of course, included over 50+ magnets he could put on, take off, and lose under the couch, I'm pretty sure it even says that on the box.  (Side note: she is due to have her first child any day now, the search is on for the baby's Christmas gift next year...maybe one of those thousand piece Lego sets!)

Still, although sometimes they drive my husband and me crazy, these types of gifts encourage imagination, creativity and good 'ol fashion play.  We don't have a Wii, an Xbox or Playstation and would really like to keep it that way.  I'm not criticizing those parents who choose to allow their kids to play video games. I just want people to remember there are also simple and much cheaper ways for your kids to stay busy too.