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News from the Nest: Messy house versus outdoor fun

I have clothes in the washing machine another load already dry sitting in the dryer and three loads of clean clothes in baskets that need to be put away. The dishes are slowly stacking up, I haven't washed my floor in two weeks and the bathrooms should probably be scrubbed. Yet, it is 75 degrees, sunny and the kids and husband are antsy to get out side. So, we're off to watch another Packer football game.

With winter just around the corner it is hard for me to stay inside and keep my house in order. The kids want to be outside playing, my husband loves attending sporting events, and I just like breathing in the fresh air. When we arrive back home after a long day spent outside then it is time to bathe the grubby kids, get them a snack and off to bed. By the time we are finished kissing their tired little cheeks the last thing I feel like doing is cleaning my house.

Deciding whether to spend time cleaning or outside with my family doesn't take me long. Sure, my son will get frustrated because his favorite shirt isn't always clean. And, yes, I do panic a bit when my mother comes for a visit and I feel that my house isn't quite up to her standards. But life is life. And there are so many more important things in this world than stressing about a perfectly clean and well organized home. Plus the kids aren't going to be young forever and the nice weather won't last long either. So until winter arrives again, or at least a rainy day, sorry house but you've dropped ranks on my 'to do' list.