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News from the Nest: Sharing Packer Pride with the little ones

My husband and I decided to take our kids, 2 and 5, to the first Packer football game two weeks ago. We take our kids pretty much everywhere, so we weren't intimidated by the large crowd, tight quarters or 2+ hourlong game. However, we also went prepared. My backpack (skip the purse) included the essential diapers, wipes, Kleenex and long-sleeved shirts. Also tucked in the tiny bag was a sippy cup full of water for the little one, Twizzlers, apple slices (with orange juice, as the kids aren't fans of brown apples) and, of course, fruit snacks. (Forgive me concession stands; we still bought a Gatorade too to show our support.)

To help instill Packer pride in the kids we all wore our green. This also helped remind my son which team we were cheering for. At one point he told me his little sister should take her sunglasses off because they had a little red (very little) and that was the color of the opponents, Bismarck. I convinced him it was more pinkish, not red and he allowed her to continue wearing her shades.

As the game progressed, the score was still tied zero to zero. For those of us less informed fans, that made out for an uneventful game, so my kids put on a show of their own.

My daughter was a fan of the cheer team and started doing her own tricks. She would count to three and then jump, in any direction she felt like, assuming Daddy and I were ready to catch her. Luckily there were no traumatic falls but we did have a close call or two.

Although scoring was limited, there were plenty of Packer First Downs! Each time the team reached another ten yards the announcer would enthusiastically say "that's another Packer FIIIRRRSSTT DOWN!!" My kids both caught on to this and my daughter would continue yelling "first dow" for 2-3 minutes after the announcer was finished.

I need to give some "shout outs" for those who were sitting by us all night (you know who you are.)

First off, big kudos to the kid in front of us who had to keep rescuing the sippy cup every time our little one threw it on the ground and it almost slipped thru the bleachers. Also a big thanks to his mom who received a constant tap tap of little feet on her back. To the people behind us, thanks for letting our kids stand every now and then, even though they were obstructing your view of the field. During the only extra point kick of the entire game my kids were more excited about the plane flying overhead than what was happening on the field, sorry kicker.

Overall, it was a great evening and a great game with the Packers holding on to a win at the end. We saw some old friends, met some new ones, and definitely plan on attending another home game in the near future, if anyone is willing to sit by us that is...