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News from the Nest: Time spent at the lakes fun for all ages

This past weekend my husband, kids and I spent a day at Lake Lida with good family friends. Like many summer gatherings the day included lots of food, laughter, boating and more food.

My family arrived at the cabin around noon and right away my kids asked if they could change into their swimsuits. I agreed and soon they were splashing in the water. The hosts quickly brought out a variety of sand toys and before we knew it a half dozen two to five year olds were busy using their imaginations on the beach.

The kids had a blast playing in the sun and so did we as adults. It really is great when as a parent you get to sit in the sun or shade; they had both, and just be lazy and watch your kids play. Sure a few times the guys got up to throw a football around and us gals would cool our feet off in the water, but for the most part the adults spent the day socializing and counting heads to make sure all kids were accounted for.

My husband isn't much of a water sports guy. He attributes this to a few incidences earlier in life when he and the water collided unexpectedly. One time was at this particular lake with these same people. Apparently his buddy wanted to see how fast a jet ski could go with two grown 200+ pound men. Turns out just after the speedometer reached 60 mph the two guys hit the water, which he says wasn't a very pleasant feeling. On a separate occasion a friend pulled him in a tube behind a speed boat. He was whipped around so badly by the driver that he fell out and lost his $300 prescription sunglasses in the lake. Apparently these memories have been ingrained in my husband's mind forever, thus spoiling his attitude towards water sports.

Because of this he was a little hesitant when our friends offered to pull our son behind their boat on a blow up jet ski of sorts. As it turns out our son is braver than his father and had a great time going fast behind the boat. He even managed to hold on with one hand to give us a "thumbs up" as he passed the beach with a big grin.

Later in the day my husband and his two good friends decided to take the little girls out in the boat. Two of the "older girls", one almost four and the other barely five-years-old, wanted to be pulled in a large tube behind the boat. My daughter, almost three, and another who is three-and-a-half were just going along for the boat ride. Or so I thought. Shortly after the crew went out on the lake they drove by the beach and we could see four little heads bobbing in the tube. I couldn't believe it! My little two-year-old was being pulled in a tube by a speedboat! She was so brave. Typically she is like her dad and me, a little overly cautious, so it really surprised me when I saw she was in the tube. After they were finished and back on shore her face was gleaming with satisfaction. I could tell she was proud of herself for being so brave.

On our way back home that evening, after a huge meal that was wonderful of course, I asked my husband how he did in the speed boat. He really likes his dad's pontoon. You know, they are safe, really too wide to tip over, and don't go very fast. He told me that the boat ride was fine but he was literally grinding his teeth when our little girl was in the tube. And all he could think of was the feeling of hitting the water at 60 mph and how he didn't want the little girls to get hurt.

In the end we all made it through. The kids had a blast and barely made it five minutes in the car before falling asleep for the rest of the drive and night! I personally enjoyed relaxing in the sun, chatting with good friends we don't see often enough, and of course partaking in some great meals! And, I think by the time we got back to West Fargo my husband had finally settled his nerves and stopped grinding his teeth.

(Lauritsen from West Fargo enjoys writing, in particular, sharing her insight into parenting issues that present themselves daily in the upbringing and nurturing of her two small children.)