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Osgood names students of the week

Star students for the week of Sept. 24 have been announced at the Osgood Kindergarten Center, West Fargo. Each week classroom teachers select a student who has shown outstanding character education traits in their classroom/school setting for recognition that particular week.

They include: Kindergarten: Shayne Sutherland (Mrs. Ahl), Harley Jensen (Mrs. Dardis), Braden Johnson (Mrs. Foley), Chloe Fuller (Mrs. Fritz), Brooklyn Saxlund (Mrs. Gehrke), Olivia Mischke (Ms. Greening), Brayden Foster (Ms. Hulm), Matthew Fisher (Mrs. Kava), Laura Bjerke (Mrs. Kvamme), Matt Axvig (Mrs. Langer), Addy Boyeff (Mrs. Laudal), Maddie Gilleland (Mrs. Schons), Brady Westphal (Mrs. Spanier), Camden Parker (Mrs. Stuart), Grayden Ohman (Mrs. Swartz) and Ryne King (Mrs. Weiser).

Preschool: J.J. Storseth (Ms. DeLeeuw), Parker Miller (Ms. Kava) and Clare Overby (Mrs. Morris)