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Osgood names students of the week

Star students for the week of Sept. 27 have been announced at the Osgood Kindergarten Center, West Fargo. Each week classroom teachers are selecting a student who has shown outstanding character education traits in their classroom/school setting for recognition that particular week:

Those students and their classroom teacher are:

Preschool: Dustin Mieke.

Kindergarten: Ashlynn Jacobson (Foley), Kate Geiszler (Gehrke), Calvin Graves (Greening), Isabella Bense (Kvamme), Ariana Mohamed (Weiser), Isaac Gamez (Kava), Brooklyn Nelson (Langer), Ashlyn McCrory (Laudal), Ira Silk (Stuart), Gavin Hruza (Welk), Ava Rodriguez (Hagen), Jaiden Schwan (Moran), Dion Bush (Schons), and Sam Widjaja (Swartz).

First Grade: Ryan Engel (Dahle), Kallie Dodds (Mahar), Conner Hustad (Markey), Ramiro Tercero (Neisen), Brooke Kava (Andersen), Alex Kirchoffner (McMahon), Adrienne Kraft (Rensch), and Tatum Sand (Tibbetts).