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Osgood students of the week (April 25, 2012)

Star students for the week of April 23 have been announced at the Osgood Kindergarten Center, West Fargo. Classroom teachers select a student who has shown outstanding character education traits in their classroom/school setting for recognition that particular week.

They include: Preschool: Cole Duerr and Isabel Overby.

Kindergarten: Taylor Hegel (Foley), Brandon Cook (Gehrke), Murphy Landgraff (Greening), Linden Loos (Kvamme), Maleina Joubert (Weiser), Maddie Krystosek (Kava), Luca Engel (Laudal), Ella Stevens (Stuart), Hannah Frith (Dardis), Jentz Steiner (Ahl), Brendan Koch (Moran), Jaxx Hanson (Schons), and Odin McAlister (Swartz).

First Grade: Olivia Owen (Dahle), Odin McAlister (Mahar), Caitlyn Bjerke (Markey), Kyle Froehlich (Neisen), Parker Scufsa (Andersen), Zachary Nelson (McMahon), Gracie Voeller (Rensch) and Rachel Huynh (Tibbett).