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Packer Jam Sept. 14 at Horace

The second Annual Packer Jam is set at Horace on Friday, Sept. 14, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will take place at The Center, 214 Thue Court.

Sponsored by a group of West Fargo alumni, the event will highlight West Fargo's musical talent by providing the venue for musicians and vocalists to perform live on stage in a professional setting supported by professional musicians and equipment, also offering a "dance environment."

The Friday evening scheduling is in advance of West Fargo's "West Fest" yearly celebration which will be held Saturday, Sept. 15.

Among the West Fargo, Harwood and Horace area talent entertaining will be: Mike Christl and Amy Christl-Johnson, as Electric Thunder Band:  Billy Maxwell (class of 72) - Cowboy Angel Blue; Doug Hager, Vicki Pergande, Connie Erickson, Dick Hage, Kevin Crawford, Jeff Birrenkott, Bailey Hurley; Joie Sherman Johnson and John Johnson - North Meets South Band; Buzz Benson - Joe Friday Band, Doug Anderson (class of 72), guitar player; Fiddlin Frenzy, as well as several others.

Only 275 tickets will be available for the evening of music and fun which is a BYOB and snack event.

A Packer Jam Facebook site is presently under construction with Billy Maxwell and Cowboy Angel Blue featured as well as on MySpace.

Anyone wishing tickets or information can email or contact Judy Grinde at 320-493-0264.