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The Packer Weekly: Dew finds inspiration in photography

Ashley Dew took this photo of Braelyn (left) and Camryn Peterson.

By Arimeta Diop

From camera phones to Canons, junior Ashley Dew has made photography her creative medium. Four years ago, Dew began shooting unique photos with her camera phone. When her father, Christopher Dew, took notice of her newfound hobby, he quickly made certain she had the support she needed to continue with her photography.

“I had a silver Canon and it was a little nicer camera,” Christopher said. “She borrowed that and began taking some more artistic pictures.”

Ashley traces her interest in photography back to her fascination with cameras when she was younger. Recently, she recognized a few of her older friends were picking up a camera and she was even more inspired to take up photography.

“I aspired to be like them and then sort of just took it (photography) up,” Dew said.

The young photographer first took pictures for the fun of it. She takes pictures of scenery and friends, such as Jessica Schatz, who was the subject of the first photo-shoot she posted on her Ashley Dew Photography Facebook page.

Facebook has been a primary means of generating interests and clients for her photography business. Word of mouth is also an important method of moving traffic her way. Dew’s friends, juniors Brianna Faul and Natalie Shea, have also made use of Ashley’s abilities.

Shea and her family have had their holiday greeting card photos taken by Dew for the past two years and are continuing the tradition this holiday season. The family, especially Jefferson elementary teacher Stephanie Shea, feel that Dew has a promising future in photography.

“I appreciate that she uses her extra time, when you (as students) have little extra time,” Stephanie said. “She works at it; she studies it (the photos) and is very professional about it all.”

Faul originally took photos with Dew to help the photographer and for the fun of the experience. Dew prefers taking pictures with people as the primary subject and catching genuine moments, making Faul a repeat model for Ashley Dew Photography. She had contacted Dew this past summer for a different to make a special collage for her father as a gift.

“We took so many pictures in the park, and she spent three hours there with me,” Faul said. “Then we went back to her house and spent another three hours editing those pictures.”

Faul said she was at ease in Dew’s hands every step of the photo-shoot process. Dew came up with many ideas, and Faul’s father said he appreciated the creative project.

For Ashley, photography is a fun pasttime that she said holds a place in her future. She hopes to continue capturing moments beyond high school with her camera in tow.