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Parks still shooting for mid-June pool opening despite weather

While the West Fargo Parks District is still aiming to open the revamped Veterans Memorial Pool on June 15, rough weather and poor conditions may push that opening date into early July.

“We are still finding frost at three feet (as of May 12),” Executive Director Barb Erbstoesser said. “For the amount of concrete we need to lay, we have to wait until that is gone. We are looking at a great investment for West Fargo Parks, so hopefully people will understand that we want this done correctly.”

According to Erbstoesser, the delay in the pool’s construction has been entirely in the hands of Mother Nature, and she hopes the warm weekend temperatures helped.

“We haven’t fallen behind on this project at all,” Erbstoesser said. “Our contractors are really working hard and focusing on getting that concrete in, but their hands are tied. We have a lot of decking, and we don’t want any cracking. This has to be stable for our patrons.”

Once the weather finally cooperates, the district will lay the concrete, then install a fence around the pool and finally install the Diamond Brite interior surface of the pool. After that, they can fill the pool, but must leave it closed for seven days.

They then hope to keep the pool closed for a few days to train their team of lifeguards.

While the district hopes the pool will be open as soon as possible, they are not concerned by a delayed opening, as they hope to make up lost time at the end of the summer, as well as in the summers to come.

“We are focusing on staying open until Labor Day, which we have never been able to do,” Erbstoesser said. “I think the essence of doing things right than in a hurry is very important. We want to see a very long life out of this pool, because it will be here for the long haul.”

The district will also be adding some space for baseball and softball in the area, as the park board approved a bid for three new fields during their May 14 meeting.

Two youth baseball fields – with the center field fence being 250 feet from home plate – will be constructed on the north side of Rendezvous Park, while a softball field will take the place of the former BMX track at Elmwood Park.

The bid was awarded to Turf Tamers Landscaping of Fargo for $177,245.

“The need is definitely there,” Erbstoesser said. “Our baseball and softball programs are certainly growing and we are handling what we have, but it is pretty tight. We have been finding places for things like tee ball, but it is a priority to get a new field.”

The district has never worked with Turf Tamers before, but their offer was in line with the district’s estimates and they “answered the call” for the district’s needs and specifications.

The fields are expected to be completed by August, but will not be playable until the summer of 2016.