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Reitan: Construction projects are making progress

There are a number of construction projects underway in West Fargo having an impact on the motoring public.

The good news is full or partial openings are soon on the way. Seventh Avenue East between 17th Street and 45th Street will be open in mid-August, in time for the school start. The roadway was extensively reconstructed to include a concrete driving surface and parking lane bump-outs. The design of the new roadway is similar to what was done near the West Fargo High School.

Fortieth Avenue from Fargo’s Drain 27 to the Sheyenne River is also being completely reconstructed.

The 40th roadway will have traffic medians, raised curbs and turning lanes. Given the significant amount of work involved with this project, full completion is not expected until late October.

Partial opening of 40th Avenue in the area of Veterans Boulevard and Seventh Street East will occur prior to the school start.

The partial opening is meant to accommodate traffic around Sheyenne High School.

Charleswood has been undergoing curb jacking, pavement milling and asphalt overlays. The maintenance work is meant to improve the drainage of storm water and extend the life of the roadway.

Pavement milling is necessary to remove existing asphalt and allows a thickened layer of asphalt along the curb line. The asphalt overlay reseals the existing road and provides leveling of the driving surface.

The work should be wrapping up within the next two weeks.

For 2015 two major construction projects are planned: 12th Cass County 19, and West Main Avenue, which will be reconstructed from Morrison Street to Interstate 94. Both projects are ready to go and will begin next spring. Significant planning is underway to ensure efficient traffic flow is maintained.

The construction project at the West Fargo City Hall complex is currently running behind schedule due to issues with the existing ground water. The construction site sits atop varying layers of clay and tightly packed sand. The sand is water bearing and becomes unstable when disturbed.

An attempt to de-water the area has had minimal success, but the contractor is confident that a modification to the original construction plan will get the project back on track. Excavation for the building footings and underground garage area is again moving forward. Phase one of the construction project is expected to be completed in June 2015.

Mike Reitan is West Fargo’s police chief.