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RRVF announces Flower Pot Contest

The Red River Valley Fair is conducting a Flower Pot Contest, with registered flower pots on display all nine days of the fair, July 9-17. People can pick up the designated pots from the fair office now until July 5.

"We want people of all ages to participate in this new contest," said Bryan Schulz, Manager of the Red River Valley Fair. "This contest lets families create a project together, watch it grow into something beautiful, and put it on display for over 125,000 people to admire."

Decorations on the flower pots must be weather resistant and suitable for all ages. Care instructions also need to be provided in order for the fair crew to be able to keep them in top condition. The decorated flower pots will be displayed throughout the Red River Valley Fairgrounds.

The flower pots are due no later than Monday, July 5, at 4 p.m., to the fair office. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis.

If you're not interested in participating in the contest, you might want to bid on the entered flower pots with half of the proceeds going to the artist.

To download the application, visit the website at or call the fair office at 701-282-2200.