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Silver Snowflake Search Clues

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News Fargo,North Dakota 58102
Silver Snowflake Search Clues
Fargo North Dakota 101 5th Street North 58102

All Silver Snowflakes have been found.

Snowflake A

01-13-10: A letter shaped object.

01-14-10: No clue today.

01-15-10: You can ride your bike by this.


01-18-10: I am in the spotlight.

01-19-10: A recognizable roadway.

01-20-10: A baseball team would need this.

01-21-10: A beginner novice in education.

Snowflake B

01-13-10: Be careful - take it slow.

01-14-10: Look to the east - when the wind blows this will move.

01-15-10: No clue today.

01-18-10: A national American symbol is in the distance.

01-19-10: No clue today.

01-20-10: An activity performed by special people.

01-21-10: Kids can rock on me, but I cannot fly.

Snowflake B was found by Alissa Bosse, West Fargo, at Service Club Park on the ground under the ducks beak. She won a $150 gift card to Hornbacher's.

Snowflake C

01-13-10: Kids hang out here.

01-14-10: No clue today.

01-15-10: It moves fast, slow or not at all.

01-18-10: Turn to the north.

01-19-10: A "Preliminary" clue - 5 letter word within.

01-20-10: Leave on the light.

1-21-10: A reflection of history stands close by.

Snowflake C was found by Melissa Morse, West Fargo, at Maplewood Park by the Maplewood Park entrance sign. She won the $100 gift card to West Acres and a 3 month subscription to the Forum with a coffee break basket including the West Fargo Pioneer.

Snowflake D

01-13-10: When green, turn at this intersection.

01-14-10: A fun place to meet and play.

01-15-10: No clue today.

01-18-10: Nature calls - trees, rocks, snow...

Snowflake D was found by Jack Endres, West Fargo, at Rendezvous Park - north entrance along 32nd Ave. W. on a light pole on Monday, January 18th. He won a $150 gift card to Hornbacher's.

Bonus Clue: There are no Silver Snowflakes hidden in North or South Elmwood Park.