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Sjoblom graduates from Marine training

Pvt. Victor Sjoblom, 19, a 2012 West Fargo High School graduate, earned the title "U.S. Marine" upon graduating from Marine Corps recruit training in San Diego on May 11.

Putting his recruit's honor, courage and commitment to the test, Sjoblom faced the physically and mentally rigorous challenges packed into the 13 weeks of Marine Corps boot camp training designed to enhance raw talent and to create the morale and discipline required of all Marines.

During recruit training, Sjoblom joined others from across the country to undertake the quest to be among the world's military elite. He learned time-honored military customs and courtesies and mastered close-order drill. The demanding physical fitness regimen placed Sjoblom in the best shape of his life. The training honed vital military skills such as marksmanship, first-aid, martial arts and leadership.

Following approximately 10 days of leave, Sjoblom will attend school to learn his occupational specialty; and the report to his first duty station to gain further knowledge and experience serving with a Marine Corps unit.

He was enlisted by Staff Sgt. Dale J. Servold from the Marine Corps recruiting office in Fargo.