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Tom Hanks dines at local restaurant

Actor and director Tom Hanks poses for a photo with 8-year-old Tyler Hagensen, son of TNT's Diner owners Tim and Tammy Hagensen in West Fargo.

Tim and Tammy Hagensen, owner-operators of TNT's Diner experienced some "neat conversation and just a lot of joking back and forth," during their highly publicized hour-and-a-half Friday morning breakfast encounter with actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson and their two children.

Tim said the first thing Hanks said as he entered the West Fargo eatery at about 4 a.m. was "Do you get up this early all the time? "Only when Tom Hanks comes into town," was Tim's instant reply.

He was "obviously a nice guy " Tim said, "but he actually took the time to take our son Tyler aside and talk with him."

During this time Tim was able to visit with the Hank's youngest son, 17-year old Truman, sharing their enthusiasm for music, in particular, a shared liking for the Beatles.

"They were definitely not star struck, just a family out for breakfast," Tim acknowledged matter-of-factly. "They were full of energy and truly nice people."