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WFHS art department looks to return pieces of work

The West Fargo Art Department is looking to return art to former students. Submitted photo

The West Fargo High School Art Department needs your assistance finding the school board artists listed below in order to return their art.  

Since 1978, the district has displayed art throughout West Fargo, and the collection has grown every year, to the point that some art from 1978-89 needs to be returned. 

Some of the artwork is still on exhibit in the district, so not all artists will be listed below. 

Also, the graduates from 2000-present are still on exhibit. 

Any questions or comments can be e-mailed to Brenda Luthi at 

The list of graduates, and their year, is as follows:

1978 - Brad Dickinson, Duane Tenold, Lori Weiss.

1980 - Kim Butts.

1981 - Karen Halvorson, Sharon Ruud, Judy Weidner.

1982 - Judy Baily, Siri Halvorson, Suzanne Kotte, Michelle Smith, Kathy Weiand.

1983 - Karen Frank, Charmayne Jehlick, Diane Wenzel.

1984 - Janet Johnson, Tim Sparks, Anita Whitehead, John Zuirouski.

1985 - Julie Hagel, Wendy Mark, Patty Willets.

1986 - Chris Artz, Shauna Brookins, Stephanie Mcleod, Dawn Neil, Trina Thompson, Jason Wolf.

1987 - Derrick Brunette, Tammy Hesby, Nicole Mckracken, Lisa Sakrismo, Troy Vetsch, Kristi Wiener.

1988 - Julie Cuffe, Laurie Olson, Carrie Ness.

1989 - Jason Debing, DeAnne Hallett, Laree Hahn, Davi Aho Pynttari, Shannon Warf.

1990 - Christy Biegler, Trista Frandson, Jocelyn Henderson, Julie Loberg, Amanda Mehlhoff, Malynda Olson, Shelly Ziegler.

1991 - Jason Dukart, Chad Jacobsen, Tonia Miller, Holly Osterle.

1992 - Chad Hesby, Colin McNamara, Greg Normandin, Heather Olson, Garett Thomte.

1993 - Heather Kaul, Christi Kukes, Jessica Lekander, Donnell Muske.

1994 - Jared Baumann, Christine Beiriger, John Hoglund, Lisa Himmerich, Jason Smith.

1995 - Paula Carlson, Jody Carpenter, Melissa Gross, Chad Hammille, Eric Houseman, Christy Straub.

1996 - Summer Aberle, Chris Frank, Jessica Jensen, Nicole Kirklesloski, Jenny Montgomery, Rhanon Zuber.

1997 - Dane Boedigheimer, Jamie Braun, Christina Johnson, Sarah Rumsey, Melissa Rutten, Sean Sahr, John Utter, Nicole Wilkin.

1998 - Nick Anderson, Danielle Baumann, Amy Christian, Erica Fromke, Megan Lavelle.

1999 - Silvia Becker, Casey Nowacki, Miranda Sorlie, David Stahlecker.