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Street light receives protected left turn signal

The traffic signal located at the Main Avenue and Sheyenne Street intersection will soon receive an update that will result in a protected left turn arrow that will reduce the amount of time motorists will have to wait to make their turn onto Sheyenne Street.

A new signal head will be installed on the master arm and work completed on the inside of the wiring cabinet to facilitate the change which is expected to be completed in about two weeks time, according to Chris Brungardt, assistant public works director overseeing the project.

City officials initially made a written request with supporting documents to the North Dakota Department of Transportation asking for the go ahead on the project.

Since Main Avenue is a U.S. highway, the NDDOT has the final say and must approve any modifications.

That approval was received two weeks ago and announced at a city commission meeting.

Brungardt said the supporting documents revolved around a traffic count and other information that proved adding the left turn would reduce delays at the intersection.

City crews and Fargo Electric will be completing the work involved. Cost is approximately $3000 which will be covered out of the city's general fund.