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West Fargo watering restrictions in place

The West Fargo Public Works Department has announced that watering restrictions are now in place until further notice, recommending enactment by all residents and businesses when and where applicable.

Officials state that current dry weather conditions have resulted in an increase in watering. That coupled with the inactivity of a city well currently under reconstruction has resulted in the watering restrictions.

As in the past, watering is based on the odd-even calendar day and property address system. i.e. even-numbered residences water on even-numbered days and odd-numbered addresses on odd-numbered days.

There is an exemption for newly seeded or sodded lawns. They can be watered for 15 days straight following planting before the restriction plan kicks in; and newly planted trees and gardens are totally exempt from the schedule.

As for watering times, users are asked not to water between the busy consumer usage times of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily for any of their watering needs.

Anyone with questions can contact the public works department at 701-433-5400.